Wishing well cards

Wishing Well Cards –  have become super popular in weddings and engagements. We receive a lot of questions from our clients if it is appropriate to have a wishing well card as part of their invitation suite. There is no doubt that it may be uncomfortable for couples asking for money as their wedding gift, however it has definitely become a social norm, especially in Australia.

In fact, according to recent statistics 60% of Australian weddings have a wishing well.

The advantage of having a wishing well cards not only means you will not have 3 different irons or cutlery sets, but it actually saves your friends and family from worrying about what to pick for you and whether you have it or not. I know I wouldn’t want to be scratching my head and walking around Myer aimlessly wondering what to get for every wedding I’m invited to!

As modern weddings will most likely have either a wishing well or a gift registry, your guests will be familiar with the concept if not already expecting it. Therefore don’t feel like you have to go into a lot of detail. Also, there are so many polite, humorous and humble ways to word your wishing well card. See some examples below.

Wishing well cards 💕

Example 1:

Your presence on our wedding day is the greatest gift of all. However, if you would like to bless us with a gift in some other way, a wishing well will be available at the reception for your contribution and well wishes.

Wish love Mr & Mrs Ballout

Example 2: If you were thinking of giving a gift to help us on our way.

A gift of cash towards our house would really make our day.

However, if you prefer a gift, feel free to surprise us in your own special way.

Example 3: If finding a gift is hard to do,

Perhaps our wishing well is for you.

A gift of money is placed in the well.

Then make a wish… but do not tell.

If, however, a gift you’d prefer to find.

Be assured we will not mind.

Example 4:

Soon you will hear our wedding bells,

as friends and family wish us well.

Our household treasures are not brand new,

We have twice the things we need for two.

Since we have our share of dishes and bedding,

we’re having instead a wishing well wedding.

But more important we ask of you,

your prayers of love and blessings too.

WalRay Team Always Ready to Help 😘

Example 5:

We made a commitment,

some time ago,

that together through life,

we were destined to go.

To save you looking,

shopping and buying,

here is an idea,

we hope you’ll like trying!

Come to our wedding,

to wish us both well,

and please make a donation,

to our wishing well.

Example 6: Our two families have come together as one.

We really hope you can join in the fun!

A wishing well we thought would be great,

but only if you wish to participate.

Place a gift of money in the well,

then make a special wish, but do not tell!

Please do not be offended by our request,

as our day is complete having you as a guest.

Example 7: Soon you will hear our wedding bells, we made a commitment sometime ago, that through life we were destined. To save you looking and buying, here is an idea, we hope you’ll like trying! A gift in our wishing well is what we ask for.

Example 8: “If you are thinking of giving a gift to help us on our way, a contribution towards our honeymoon would really make our day.”

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