Accommodation cards

Accommodation cards, also known as hotel cards are information cards providing your guests with hotel options at the wedding reception or near it.  Many couples who have friends and family flying in to attend their wedding or have friends who will be drinking would need a place to stay the night. It is etiquette to reserve nearby accommodation for them which is ideal for their convenience.

If you reserve a block of rooms at any hotel most of them will give your guests a discounted rate.  WalRay provides custom accommodation cards where you can outline the hotel names and the details on how to claim the discount. Accommodation cards are a thoughtful way to let your guests know that you appreciate them flying in to celebrate your wedding and have made plans accordingly. 

An example of the wording;

For your convenience, a block of rooms has been reserved at [name of hotel] in [city]. When calling to make your reservation, please mention the [your last names] wedding in order to receive a discounted rate. Please call [hotel’s phone number] to make your reservation.

The following hotel arrangements have been made for your comfort while visiting the ‘[reception name]


Below are a number of hotel suggestions within close proximity of the wedding reception

Other detail cards relevant to the wedding event such as a Map of the venue, parking details, or pre-wedding events can also be ordered from WalRay.

We offer custom-made invitations and stationery made from a range of paper types, acrylic, hardcover, and velvet.

Accommodation Cards And Much More At WalRay’s 😘

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