Baby Shower Invitations

Baby shower invitations are one of the most memorable and exciting events in the mum-to-be’s pregnancy, celebrating the arrival of the new baby with loved ones before stepping into motherhood. The reason that invitations are so important is that they are the initial communication between the host and the guests about what to expect and all the details related to your shower. If you have a gift registry you should also include that on the invite. WalRay can help you design your invitations according to your theme, whether it is a princess pink theme, blue baby boy theme, elephant, ducks or giraffe theme. If you’re having a gender reveal shower, make sure you let us know to include that as part of your theme on your invitations.

When should the baby shower be held?

28-32 weeks is an ideal time to host a baby shower, so in your 7th month!

When to send baby shower invitations?

Invites should be ordered in the 5th month of your pregnancy, received in your 6th, in time for your baby shower in your 7th month.

According to etiquette, invitations should be sent out 4-6 weeks before the baby shower is held.

Thank you cards

It is proper etiquette to send out thank you cards for the gifts you have received at the baby shower. It is considered a highly recommended gesture to show your appreciation and gratitude for their gifts and for celebrating with you.

We offer custom-made invitations and stationery made from a range of paper types, acrylic, hardcover, and velvet.

We also offer bonbonnieres/wedding favours, as well as custom-made signage and neon lighting for all your events.

Having been in your shoes before, our level of care is beyond just creating your stationery for your event. Your invitations create excitement and anticipation for the day and more importantly sets the tone for your wedding/event. Depending on the design and the sophistication of the invite, it creates a lasting first impression to remember the date. We have a unique eye for the finer details. Our stationery is made with nothing less than high quality materials, world-class printing techniques, and most importantly made with love.

We have designed invitations for an extensive range of clients for their weddings, engagements, birthdays, bridal showers, baby showers. We also do corporate events including events over 1000 guests. Rest assured we have gained the experience and skills to provide the perfect stationery for any occasion.

We take all different personal factors into account in the design process including your cultural background, wedding theme, and budget.

With genuine client support & custom-made luxurious designs, WalRay is the best wedding planning decision you will make.

Book in a consultation with Wally or Raya today, we are sure you will enjoy your WalRay experience.

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