RSVP cards

RSVP cards are a vital to keep track of your guest’s responses regarding their attendance. As it can get quite overwhelming before the wedding. So as RSVP cards are essential to manage who will be attending from your guest list. Most reception venues and caterers require an accurate count of guests (usually a week or 2 in advance) attending. So they can make the appropriate menu preparations and dietary requirements for your event. 

If you require your guests to RSVP by mail, order your RSVP cards from WalRay invitations. And receive free small return envelopes to match them! If you have a website we can print the web address or organise a QR code to print on your RSVP card and direct your guests to RSVP via this way. Otherwise if you want them to RSVP by phone or text we can add that to the main invite. 

How much notice do I give guests to receive and reply to my RSVP date?

Firstly ask your venue or caterer when they require an accurate number of attendees. Secondly, consider the amount of time you need to chase up and confirm the attendance of guests who did not RSVP by the required date. You may be super busy finalising last minute wedding plans, so do not hesitate to allow extra time for yourself. Finally, always secretly give your guests an extra week to respond. 

For example: Wedding date is 27th February 

Your venue is happy to accept the final numbers a week before the wedding:  20th February. 

2 weeks to chase up: 6th February.

Give people an extra week to RSVP, incase they forgot: 30th of January. 

As a rough guide, about 1 month before the wedding is an acceptable date for your guests to RSVP by, giving you (and them) plenty of time to plan without any stress. 

Offering RSVP Cards And Much More At WalRay’s 🙌

We offer custom-made invitations and stationery made from a range of paper types, acrylic, hardcover, and velvet.

Furthermore, we also offer bonbonnieres/wedding favours, as well as custom-made signage and neon lighting for all your events.

Having been in your shoes before, our level of care is beyond just creating your stationery for your event. Your invitations create excitement and anticipation for the day and more importantly sets the tone for your wedding/event. Depending on the design and the sophistication of the invite, it creates a lasting first impression to remember the date. As we have a unique eye for the finer details. Our stationery is made with nothing less than high quality materials, world-class printing techniques, and most importantly made with love.

Furthermore, we have designed invitations for an extensive range of clients for their weddings, engagements, birthdays, bridal showers, baby showers even wishing wells cards and gift registries. However, we also do corporate events including events over 1000 guests. Rest assured we have gained the experience and skills to provide the perfect stationery for any occasion.

So taking in all the different personal factors into account in the design process including your cultural background, wedding theme, and budget.

With genuine client support & custom-made luxurious designs, WalRay is the best wedding planning decision you will make.

Book in a consultation with Wally or Raya today, we are sure you will enjoy your WalRay experience.

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